The Greens Condominiums at West End Association, Inc.

A Florida Not-For-Profit Corporation

The Greens at West End (“the Property”) is Alachua County’s premier gated condominium community located approximately four miles west of I-75 on Newberry Road (SR-26). The Property has 26 acres of lush landscaping and mature trees. There are 32 buildings consisting of 202 residential one to three bedroom condominiums as well as numerous Amenities.

The Greens Condominiums at West End Association, Inc. (“the Association”) consists of 202 Owners. The Association is governed by a Board of Directors (“the Board”) which creates and amends Governing Documents, sets overall policy based upon those documents and its mission, oversees operations, and hires and directs the Community Association Manager (“CAM”). The Board is an elected body of five volunteers who have a fiduciary duty of responsibility to the Owners for the Association’s assets. The primary mission of the Association is to protect the Property and its value, provide for the maintenance of the Common Property, and enforce the restrictions contained in the Governing Documents. The Association’s core values are financial security, consistent and fair enforcement of restrictions, integrity, and active communication.

All Owners and Tenants agree to abide by the Governing Documents when purchasing or leasing a Unit. Please visit our Docs & Rules page to review the Governing Documents, including policies and the Rules & Regulations.

This is the official website of the Association and serves as the only official communication source as augmented by e-mails sent by the Association. There is no social media presence.



Sidewalk and curb repair, April 24th – 26th.

Tree Maintenance, April 23rd.

Please contact the office to volunteer your unit for the Wind Mitigation Inspection on the scheduled days provided. Only one unit per building is needed. The vendor will be accessing the attic. Buildings without a volunteer will have a unit selected at random for mandatory entry with proper 24hr notice per the Access to Units Policy.

New codes are now active as of 10 AM 04/04/24.

Meeting Dates

BOD Meeting April 23rd, 2024.

*All meeting agenda are posted in the notice box at the mail kiosk at least 48 hours prior to the upcoming meeting.


It’s Spring, be cautious of wildlife while exiting your Unit.

Immediately report termite swarmers (look like winged ants) to the CAM. Attempt to collect any suspicious insects for identification by Ecopest.

Be courteous of maintenance crews. Always scoop the poop, even behind buildings. You will be fined for not picking up.

All units must have a unit key stored with the office for the purpose of Property emergencies only. Owners are responsible for providing the key to the office and updating the key if any changes occur with the units locks.

Last Updated:

Community Association Manager (CAM)

W Group Property Management, a Fletcher Family Company
Ashley Fletcher, CAM
Helene Stanton, CAM

The Association’s Contact Info:
(352) 332-6478
[email protected]

The Association’s CAM is contracted to manage the day-to-day operations. The Association does not sell or lease Units.
• On-Site Office Hours: 9 AM to 3 PM Tuesday and Thursday
• CAM Normal Business Hours: 9 AM to 5 PM Monday through Friday
• Office is closed the day after New Years, Fourth of July, Thanksgiving, and Christmas through New Year’s Day.

When the on-site office is closed, the Association’s phone number will forward to the Fletcher Family Company.
• Press ⑦ for Property emergencies.
• Press ① for W Group Property Management.
• Outside of normal business hours the on-call CAM is available solely for Property emergencies.

New Owners and Tenants

Registration is required upon purchasing or leasing a Unit, or whenever there is a change to your registration information.


For More Information

Access the Owners Portal to browse and search official records of the Association. Please contact the CAM for password.


13200 West Newberry Road
Newberry, FL 32669

From I-75, exit at Newberry Road (SR-26) and travel west for approximately four miles. The entrance to The Greens will be on the right immediately after Tioga Town Center.

0.1 miles – Gainesville Health & Fitness
0.8 miles – Publix
1.0 miles – North Florida Regional ER
7.6 miles – University of Florida
8.1 miles – Butler Plaza
8.2 miles – Ben Hill Griffin Stadium

Nature Awareness

The Greens’ luscious landscape provides habitat for many animals. Please be aware of your surroundings when exiting your Unit.

Please do not feed the squirrels. Squirrels may find a way into attics to nest. Contact the CAM to report suspicious squirrel activity. If you have a bird feeder (see Landscaping Policy), please squirrel proof your feeder.

Mosquitoes are common on front porches. The Association does not provide mosquito control. To prevent mosquitoes from breeding, eliminate collection of water and change bird bath water weekly.